In our #WeNeedToTalk Photo Series

we interview random people on the street to ask them one simple question:

What does the media NEED to be talking about?

“I think what the media and news DOES talk about is what’s palatable with gay rights. What’s digestible for straight people and maybe non-gay people, non gender diverse people. What we do talk about is how we have equal rights which is not true. We are constantly being compromised. And I think gay people like myself, we are the last people to be considered in the equity movement.”

“[The media doesn’t talk about] how bad the homeless population is. We see it. No one talks about. I try to feed the homeless every single chance chance I get. I’m guilty of walking past them I feel guilty when I have nothing to give. But they don’t focus on the homeless. They’re humans too they just got bad luck in life. But they need help. Everyone needs help.”

“ [The Media doesn’t talk about ] what people do behind closed doors. The really sore topics. The obvious things that are going on right now you know racism, all this bigotry going on, we should get them a big broom because all they do is brush stuff under the rug. That’s how it’s gonna be. Media is mainstream. I work in media so I know. There’s things that we can talk about, like right now but the moment a media outlet addresses it, it becomes a complete sh*t show. "

"Connection. What I mean by connection, they [ the media] talk about everything that separates people. Like, technology and all this other stuff. I'm not bashing technology, it's something that is very useful. But they don't talk about how you should actually spend more time with your friends and family other than just going on the phone or doing something with technology , like video games and stuff like that. Everything is online. There is no connection with anyone."

“Well I was having dinner with a friend last night and we were talking everything from the college admission scandal, to Jussie Smollett, to Michael Jackson, to all of the crap I also see on social media about a bunch of random things that don’t matter. But I think that because there is so much excess and darkness right now that the media doesn’t ever really encourage or talk about healing I suppose. Or the small facets that we could be doing every day. Everything is so big and heavy."

“They [the media] don’t talk about the government. They just don’t tell us everything.”

“ I see a big insurgence lately of women getting divorce. And I think, you know with the #metoo movement and all this stuff I think women are like, I don’t need to stay in marriages that are terrible. And I have to say, the more and more these women are getting empowered, I think this empowerment movement that’s going on, they are getting the confidence to, you know, hold their lives by themselves and raise a family and co-parent. And they don’t have to stay in these situations."

“I feel like they [the media] don’t touch base on helping out other people. Helping out the people that are in need. And they only focus on crime and don’t talk about what’s actually good.”

“I think [the media needs to talk about] a holistic picture of all aspects of the political system. So when a country focuses on one part and deletes the rest or other perspectives then that makes it very skewed. Which means that you’re riling up the whole entire nation for a purpose and that can create prejudice or other kind of misunderstanding overseas as well.”

“Personally I would like to see more environmental protection. Anything in that regard talking about protection or really just going green and protecting our parks, our national parks. That’s huge to me.”

"I think Bernie Sanders hits it on the nail that we don’t focus enough on Climate Change. They do bring it up once in awhile but it needs to be our focus. Do you know Greta the child activist? She’s amazing. Greta Thornberg. She talks about how we’re not acting like the world is on fire, we need to act like our house is on fire and start putting water on the flames. And I think that needs to be at the front. It's so second to place to what they are talking about."

“I think the media does cover alot of stuff that I think about. I think the media doesn’t talk enough about kids. Even though we do talk about the kids at the border I don’t think we talk enough about the kids at the border. Because they are all still living in completely unacceptable circumstances and it bothers me on an hourly basis. And also I don’t think we put enough emphasis on what kids in our society need. We don’t talk enough about education or what we can be doing for kids in general."

“I think the media doesn’t talk enough about how many people are losing their homes on a daily basis. Regular people. People who go from working one day and are living pay check to paycheck and have an accident at their jobs or they get sick or have something happened to them where they aren’t able to go to work then they get fired. They have a house payment and have kids and the next thing you know they go from one month everything is fine to the next and there’s no options for them."

“What’s interesting to me is the disconnect in messages depending on who is reporting what. Multiple outlets will report the same event, and how you feel about what happened depends on where you learned of it. I suppose in many ways that’s always been the case, but we haven’t always been able to share reactions across the world so quickly, which then make it onto other people’s newsfeeds, spurring reactions to reactions."

“I’ve never understood why the media doesn’t work more towards bringing people together. As grateful as I am for having unlimited information at our fingertips, I feel there’s never any attempts at trying to get people to think and react rationally. It’s all about getting a big reaction rather than getting the real story out. I always find myself having to do my own research and trying to go directly to the source because we live in such a click-bait society. The media is title driven."

“I think that the media shares a lot of depressing and upsetting news and frightening news and I think it would be great if they shared the positive things that are happening and the things that we can do in order to improve those [frightening] things and make it better.”

“We, and this includes the media, don’t talk enough about human rights as it pertains to actual protections for Americans and what a roll back of rights really would mean for large swaths of the country. The narrative of us v them, while that may work on a field, is something that has continued to have a negative impact on communities and the media needs to continue to highlight the realities of basic human rights”.

“I think we don’t address reality enough. Just real life living. Life is kind of templated. For everyone. In every field and every genre. It kind of gives people that false feeling that if they don’t fit the template they aren’t doing life right or well.”